Instant feedback.  A golfers dream.

Enjoy your putting practice more and get more out of it at the same time. PerfectPutt2 is a putting aid that ensures that the face of the putter is properly aligned to the intended target giving you instant feedback, and helping you improve your alignment, speed, aim, and body mechanics.


Improve your body mechanics by eliminating head movement.

Since you’re looking down through PerfectPutt2’s optic lens, head movement is virtually eliminated. By reducing head movement from your practice sessions you will have a more consistent stroke path and directional control of the ball’s impact point on the putter face. Building on this good habit is the key to more consistent putting performance.

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A Universal Fit No Matter Your Putting Style

PerfectPutt2 attaches to any putter in seconds and is easily adjustable for any golfer no matter the size, stance, grip, or putting type.

It’s ultralight weight so it will not affect your stroke when it’s time to take it off and hit the course.  PerfectPutt2 is the one putting aid that you will want with you on the golf course!


The Science Behind PerfectPutt2

PerfectPutt2 contains an optic lens and crosshairs that help you line up your putt precisely where you’ve read the green, take your first putt and get instant feedback on your alignment and speed.

Once done, adjustments may be made to ensure alignment, and stroke bias (pulling left/right) can be accommodated for. Develop consistency in practice for confidence on the course!

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