Why and how did Jack Paster invent the PerfectPutt2 Mirror Alignment System?

As a long time golfer, it became obvious to Jack that to improve putting, variables had to be defined that could be controlled with immediate feedback. With input from PGA professionals, the main issue became, “do you know where you are aiming?”  All else becomes secondary if you do not have proper alignment to the intended line.  That was the challenge!

One night, Jack saw an old film clip from the 1930’s which included  a periscope type viewing instrument…..the classic light bulb went off and he saw the model of a compressed periscope, which could be attached to the shaft of a putter as a means of identifying the putting line.


With the addition of cross hairs in the viewing lens, Jack was able to capture the intended putting line (target), obtain instant feedback specific to any movement off the line, and make better putts. In essence, he created, and got a patent on, a golf putting alignment mirror system to improve putting accuracy for beginners and professionals alike.

What better way to achieve lower scores than to improve your putting technique. Putting is half the game in strokes.  The PP2 solves a primary putting challenge……where am I aiming?

To improve your putting technique, it is not always about discovering the best putter to improve your putting but the tools you utilize to sharpen your skills. Jack is excited to be able to offer you a solution to getting the most from your putter investment, that is proper alignment with the PerfectPutt2.