PerfectPutt2 is a lightweight, easy to attach putting mirror device that is designed to improve your stroke.

Improve your alignment, speed, aim, and body mechanics by simply attaching the PerfectPutt2 to any putter.  Easily adjustable, it’s perfect for any golfer regardless of size, stance, grip or putting type.

Made in the USA


Golf Putter Alignment System – US Patent 10,532.264 B2   Jan 14, 2020

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PerfectPutt2 is a putting mirror that contains an optic lens and crosshairs that help you line up your putt precisely where you’ve read the green, take your first putt and get instant feedback on your alignment and speed. Once done, adjustments may be made to ensure alignment, and stroke bias (pulling left/right) can be accommodated for. Develop consistency in practice for confidence on the course!


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